Smartphones, tablets and wearable technological products are increasing rapidly every day of our lives and usage rates.

Many technology giants have even stopped desktop and laptop computer production.

From here, we understand that technology consumers now prefer mobile devices that meet their needs in the fastest and most interactive way and offer alternative solutions.

Well, is the mobile application more preferred or mobile compatible websites?

Until a few years ago, the answer to this question was the mobile compatible website.

However, the use of mobile applications has increased compared to mobile websites in terms of using the capabilities of the devices we are using (notifications etc.) and transferring them to the user instantly.

In addition, mobile applications are preferred in terms of being native than mobile compatible sites and faster loading of content.

If the mobile application of the websites we want to visit is installed on our smartphone, it is both easier and time-consuming to open and use the application with a single tap rather than opening our mobile web browser and trying to reach the page we are looking for.

It seems that the mobile application will be a must for all businesses that aim to grow in the near future.

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