We can meet all kinds of software needs and deals with issues such as the promotion of the product or service resulting from this software.
As a result of the services, we have as much eye as we deserve. It is difficult for us to tell you a full number because we will have some questions such as the size of the project, which platform it is on, but for this, it will be enough to contact us from the communication section.
The design period is completely related to you and the structure of your project. But I have to mention that even if you have a big project, the project steps are sitting in your mind and we will achieve faster results than you think together if only the software is left to realize 🙂
If we define the design process as reflecting what is on your head, do we really understand whether there is a point that doesn't fit in our minds after a PRE-CLOSE or if we really understand it correctly, then we proceed to IMPLEMENTATION and the project is presented to you. That's all 🙂
We do not have a built-in office logic at the moment, so you can reach us anytime you want ^^
You can pay with many options such as credit card, paypal, eft and money order.
Yes, upon request, an invoice will be sent to you from our center in America as a pdf.

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