Making browser referrer anonymous

An "http referrer", often simply referred to as the "referer", is a HTTP header field that the web browser sends any time that you visit a link. Sometimes, when you host a website and you have a link to another website, you don't want to pass that information.

Hide the referrer to your URL:
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As a HTML link:
<a href="">gate</a>
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This is a free service that helps you make secure links. You can link anonymously without referrer to any other web site.
What are the benefits? If you are a webmaster you can use this free service to prevent your site from appearing in the backlink statistics and server logs of referred pages as referrer.
How does it work? We block the referrer for you when a visitor clicks a link on your page.
How to do it? Just put "" before your link.

Some examples:


An empty referrer increases security. Webmasters can use this conference tool to prevent their websites from appearing in the server logs of referenced pages as referrer. Moderators of referenced pages can no longer see where their visitors are coming from.

Referrer is a website used to redirect users to different websites. Typically, web browsers send small pieces of information when they follow a link, including "referrals". A referrer is the URL of the page a user comes to, providing webmasters with the ability to trace the source of the users visiting their site. The honorable part is to remove this information; When analyzing their forwarding logs, webmasters will follow the referrer URL instead of the original URL.

Technically, the landing page is just a regular web page with a few script plugins. The link to the referrer page provides information about the target page. This information is evaluated by the referring page, and using the meta tag, the browser is prompted to visit the target page. Since there is no direct link between the linking page and the landing page, re-tracking of the linking page cannot be performed.
How much does it cost?
Dereferer is a free service. We do not charge site administrators for links, nor redirected users. It's that simple.

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