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Traffic exchange is a type of website set up to assist website owners in promoting any online page or site under their control. A traffic exchange using the time-honored concept of barter enables participants in the field to share links to other participants' sites in the same way. As a result, each site participating in the traffic exchange is likely to reach more engaging web surfers, increasing the chances of earning sales and increasing business.

A basic traffic exchange works by allowing site members to post links to other websites, landing pages, and even articles that need to be done with members' sites in some way. In return for posting these links, the member must browse a certain number of links posted by other exchange members.

For example, traffic exchange rules may require a member to click and visit at least five links previously posted by other members in order to be allowed to post a link. More robust sites allow members to select links to visit based on most recently posted links or by selecting links based on category or interests.

The general idea behind the traffic exchange is that each member not only has the ability to publish their own sites and pages, but is also given the opportunity to stumble upon sites containing goods or services that may be of interest to them. When this and when it occurs, the member can place sites of particular interest, or even an order, for future use. These saved links can also be shared with others who are not members of the traffic exchange, increasing traffic to sites and opening the door for more sales.

Over the years, greater security measures have been implemented on traffic sharing sites, typically to reduce the incidence of software use to post links and to circumvent the requirement to visit a minimum number of member sites to be able to send a mail. connection. This usually requires the visit to the clicked site to last for a minimum of time, as well as the use of security measures that require entering a string of characters in a field or correctly matching a set of images. These efforts help reduce the incidence of computer-generated traffic, which effectively distorts results from participating in a traffic exchange, making it easy to determine whether this link-sharing approach is actually worth the time and effort it took to engage in this type of marketing activity.

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