Visual customization is the process that is done with the aim of making the image used on the sites appear original in search engines, even if it is found from another source. It is one of the important topics for SEO. There are many functional ways to customize images and graphics. So, why do we need to put the photos and images used in an original format?

Images occur in data, just like programs and software. Since originality is one of the most important topics in SEO studies, it is very important that the image used has not been used on another platform before. With the visual customization process, we cause certain changes in the photo data we say, and the image becomes as if it was uploaded to the internet for the first time. In this way, we save one of the important parameters and it becomes easier for our content to rank higher. How to do this important operation? Let's briefly explain for editors and site owners.

Visual Customization

How to Make Visual Customization?
There are many ways to play with data. However, if these operations to make the data unrecognizable and different are not done correctly or incompletely, it may be just a waste of time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you apply several of the methods that we will talk about below. If you do at least two of them, you can think that you have made your image unique.

  • Applying color filters: Colors take up a significant portion of the data, this might be mind-blowing. If you interfere enough with the colors and edit your photo with beautiful filters, you will make a big change. You can apply these filters with programs such as Photoshop, and simple phone applications and websites can help you at this point.
  • Making size changes and cropping: Let's say you have a 1080p photo, and after some cropping, downgrade it to 720p and you're stepping into customization. But remember, enlarging rather than shrinking may not be a good solution. The photo can reach a much lower quality appearance.
  • Adding watermarks and texts: Watermarks and texts to be added create changes by adding to the data. While this is not as much as creating an original job on its own, it may allow the algorithm to think so.
  • Adjusting the Sharpness, Contrast and Lighting settings: Adding sharpness while playing with the contrast and light of your photo can sometimes make the photo look much better than the original. At the same time, when we consider its contribution to originality, it is impossible not to like these changes.
  • Playing with the mirror effect and angles: If you want to play with the angles of the image you plan to use and even apply the mirror effect by turning it upside down, we can say that this has an important role in visual customization. However, let's make it clear that we do not recommend this method for images with text or logos on them.
  • Blurring: Combine this way with contrast and adding text and you can get great results. We can say that writing text with a good font on an image that you have reduced the contrast and blurred a bit is almost the same as creating an original image, and it is a fact that it has a very pleasant effect visually. You may even want to use these images in your social media posts, let us tell you.
  • Compressing in different formats: The last item of our list should be mentioned about the format. As you know, there are various compression methods such as JPG, PNG. Although it does not make any big changes in the master data, we should also say that it makes a difference because it compresses more or less. However, we recommend that you do not think that you are creating originality by applying this way alone.

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