Yoast is a search engine optimization plugin developed for WordPress since 2010 and actively used on over 5 million sites. The plugin aims to make WordPress more compatible for search engines like Google, as well as help sites improve content quality by showing various parameters for authors.

Yoast has a variety of responsibilities. They can also find their place in talking about the general features of the plugin. Let's briefly list the important features of Yoast.

  • The plugin helps you create your sitemap.
  • It allows you to tell search engines more about your site and build your search visibility.
  • It allows you to make adjustments about your RSS feed.
  • It allows you to make arrangements related to the social media visibility of your site and to eliminate any problems that may occur.
  • It offers various parameters to help you write your articles with SEO focus. You can also create cornerstone contents with these parameters.
  • It creates an estimated preview of how your article will appear on Google after you publish it.

We also need to say that this plugin, which allows you to write your articles with an SEO focus, has no connection with Google or other search engines. Yes, parameters and compliance conditions can greatly benefit your content, but these are just the plugin's expectations. If there are cases where the plugin is wrong or if you think it is more suitable for Google algorithms, it is your decision to ignore these parameters. In short, Yoast can only give you advice on this.

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